religiousIf you believe that your religious liberties or your God-given Constitutional rights have been violated or infringed, Weaver Law Offices can help.

Weaver Law attorneys represent clients in the following types of civil rights matters:



  • Wrongful Death
  • Wrongful Imprisonment / Innocence Claims
  • Police Misconduct and/or Shootings
  • Prison and/or Jail Misconduct while incarcerated

We as Americans have a long history of fighting for our civil rights.

Freedoms such as right to a fair trial, free speech, equality, and the absence of
unwarranted government intrusion are a few of those rights under our Constitution.

When victimized by violations of their civil rights, there are, potentially, some legal remedies
available. Few lawyers are willing to take such cases because they are extremely difficult and require
unique skills.

At Weaver Law, our belief is that the cornerstone of American values is our civil rights.

The greatest changes our country has seen resulted from civil rights action, protest, and litigation.
very citizen is guaranteed rights to personal freedom by the Constitution. If you feel your rights have
been violated, our lawyers can help.

Weaver Law attorneys often invest hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in preparing for
trial and obtaining good results. We realize that prospective clients are eager to obtain justice, but
often the cases present legal hurdles, problems with proof, or issues of damages.

Because of this we unfortunately have to be very selective in the cases we take. It is not enough to
believe you were wronged, but the wrong must involve serious injury, either physically or economically.

Government entities do not like to pay for the wrongs they or their agents commit.

Lawyers representing the government will engage in needless challenges in order to delay our day in court. Please be mindful that not every complaint about government misconduct can be pursued.

We receive hundreds of calls a year, and we try to be sensitive to everyone’s particular concerns.
Yet, we are a small firm and we are only able to take a small percentage of the cases that come in to our office. When you contact us, please be prepared to briefly present a summary of your case. We will ask you some preliminary questions and assess whether follow-up is warranted. We appreciate your understanding.

Protect your rights! Contact the skilled professionals at Weaver law Offices today.