19 Reasons to Do Your Estate Planning NOW!


  1. Simple to set up.
  2. Gives you 100 percent control.
  3. Allows you to make changes any time you wish.
  4. Avoids the high cost of probate.
  5. Saves from 6 to 60 percent of estate loss.
  6. Drastically decreases attorney estate settlement fees.
  7. Keeps your family in control upon your death.
  8. Greatly simplifies the administration of your estate.
  9. Cuts time of settlement to a few weeks within most estates – not years!
  10. Minimizes family stress, in-fighting and contestability.
  11.  Provides stronger legal validity than a Will.
  12. Offers a means to care for special needs such as:
    – a handicapped child, spend-thrift child, two-marriage families
    – provide for grandchildren
    – professional management of the estate
  13. Protects both spouses or survivors when they become disabled.
  14. Allows your savings, home and day-to-day finances to be managed for you by a loved one or family member.
  15. Completes planning now that is normally done after a disability, emergency or death when the family should be serving the emotional needs of the survivors or the disabled senior.
  16. Protects the family assets from forced liquidation.
  17. Gives your heirs control of your affairs, instead of an attorney and/or Probate Courts.
  18. Communicates special wishes more effectively than a simple Will.
  19. Avoids the trap of simultaneous death problems normally not addressed by a Will.